New websites for WORLDPEOPLE.NO will be launched in 2020

Today, many committed people in nonprofit organizations put their own lives at risk, their own quality of life on hold and ... or ... maybe this is exactly the quality of life? To help each other

Our basic idea is to create a website for you and me that wants to make a difference. There will be fundraising of specific projects run by non-profit organizations. What is unique about the concept is that we simultaneously produce films and music and actively promote the site on YouTube and social media. The idea is to create commitment and joy.

We have developed a unique filter that makes it easy and interesting to find exactly the project you are interested in. The filter has 7 themes as a starting point: Human rights - Crises and disasters - Humanitarian - Refugee and integration - Environment and climate - Nature and animals - Others

We are going to produce film and music ourselves, but we need partners. We need you who are a talent in music, film production, animation, vlog or anything else that is interesting ... Then you are most welcome to join the team and the exciting journey ahead. You can use the contact form here


Of course, you can also contact us if there is anything you are wondering about or have tips for us.